Shaped Boards

Un-Framed Shaped Display Pin Up Boards :

Our Commitment towards serving Unique Products helped us in designing these boards, which not only serve the purpose of Notice – Display Boards but also create a positive atmosphere by their beauty.

  • All of our Boards are Manufactured from the Best Quality Raw Materials.
  • We have 3 types of Boards as per Quality & Pricing. (From Fabric Cloth to Premium Cotton Cloth).
  • We also designed Metallic Painted Boards for Pre-Schools & Small Children with Shiny 16 Colors.
  • The Best of all are the Premium Cotton Boards which are served around 80+ Countries Worldwide from us.

Miscellaneous (Premium) Cotton Cloth Display Boards

These Boards are only available in 100% Hand Weaved (Premium) Cotton Cloth & are the best of us in terms of Quality, Durability & Everything.

Fabric Cloth Display Pin Up Boards

These Boards are available in 8 Colors & the Cloth is matte tied at back so that the cloth don’t comes out while inserting & ejecting the push pins.

Cotton (Premium) Cloth Display Pin Up Boards

These are the Premium Boards & are the best of us. 100% Hand Weaved Cotton Cloth & Quality Checked at all levels. Available in 220 Beautiful colors.