How to Order Letter Shaped Display Pin Up Boards as per your Customization ??

Steps to Order Letter Shaped Display Boards :

This Guide with Images will help you if you are facing problems or are Ordering from us first time.

Step 1 :

Click Here to choose from the Pack of 3 to Pack of 10 & among 18 Colors & process ahead by clicking on its link to Select Options for Size & next steps.

Step 2 :

Select the Color Required after clicking on Pack of Number selected on previous step. We choose 6 as are showing how to order Letter “BELIEF”.

Step 3 :

Select Size Required & Add to cart for next step. For eg – if you want 12 letters you can choose Quantity as 2 in Pack of 6 & continue the process as below. In case of 18 Letters, Quantity as 3 & so on.

Step 4 :

After Adding Required Product, Size & Quantity to cart, click on View Cart to process ahead.

Step 5 :

Fill Billing Details & at last left bottom corner in Order Notes fill the Letters Required. “For eg. we choose Pack of 6 & Quantity as 1 in above steps so will type BELIEF” – A total of 6 Letters. You can type as per your Quantity Submitted.

Step 6 :

Then Choose Preferred Payment Option. 5% Instant Discount is given in case order is placed from NEFT/ RTGS.