About Us

Kanico Mart

Right Belief Paper & Stationers Private Limited

We are Manufacturers, Distributors & Exporters of Writing & Display Boards in India. We started long back at 2010 with just Metallic Painted Notice Boards & gradually along with our Good Quality Products & Service we now have about 50+ Products & 10,000+ Options.

We have always believe that Quality is not expensive, it’s priceless. We never forgot our commitment towards serving rather than selling which has made us what we are.

  • We have 5 Brands under our Right Belief Group.
  • We are an ISO Certified 9001:2015 Company.
  • We also operate India’s #1 Office-School Stationery Store (Shop Now).

Our SoftBoard

Kanico Boards Soft Board is soft, resilient, light colored sheet material, manufactured from bagasse. Our Softboards are grooved or drilled to improve their capabilities & are used for manufacturing Notice Boards(also recalled as Display Boards, Bulletin Boards, Pin Boards etc.)

  • Our Soft Boards are highly durable because of their grooves.
  • Push Pins get easily inserted & ejected without hurting fingers.
  • Fabric Cloth, Cotton Cloth & Metallic Paint are grabbed very well.

Why Choose Us ?

The essence of who we are and the sustainability of our business is totally linked with our ability & commitment to serve unique products/ services to our customers & make sure to understand their need & value of time through great collection of products, customization’s & fast delivery.

  • We have 8+ Transport/ Courier Partners for Fast Delivery.
  • We have more than 40 Categories & 6,000+ Products.
  • We also launched Belief Boards (Multi-Shaped Notice-Display Boards).

Our Mission

We at Right Belief Group have a mission of 100% Literacy in India which not only includes Academic Education but also Moral Education which is missing from the system & is highly important to have in upcoming Future of the world.

  • We are Authorized Contributors in various NGO’s like EducateGirls, RoomtoRead, Worldvision & more …
  • Every 1st of Month we get installed Green & Notice Boards in underdeveloped schools as our Responsibility.
  • We contribute 10% of our profit to Street Animals Welfare Organizations.